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Journal Publications

Citation Data: Google Scholar and Research Gate profile.


*Co-first author; #Co-corresponding author


Heinemann, J., Deng, K., Shih, S.C.C., Gao, J. Adams, P.D., Singh, A.K., Northen, T. R., On-chip integration of droplet microfluidics and nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry for enzyme screening. Lab on Chip (2017), 17, 323-331 [pdf] [vid] [link]


Gach, P.C., Shih, S.C.C., Sustarich, J., Keasling, J.D., Adams, P.D., Hillson, N.J., Singh, A.K., A Droplet Microfluidic Platform for Automating Genetic Engineering. ACS Synthetic Biology (2016), 4, 1151-1164 [pdf] [SI] [link]


Shih, S.C.C#, Goyal, G., Kim, P.W., Koutsoubelis, N., Keasling, J.D., Adams, P.D., Hillson, N.J., Singh, A.K.#., A Versatile Microfluidic Device for Automating Synthetic Biology. ACS Synthetic Biology (2015), 10, 1151-1164 [pdf] [SI] [link] [Cover page of journal]


Shih, S.C.C., Gach, P.C., Sustarich, J., Adams, P.D., Singh, A.K., A droplet-to-digital (D2D) microfluidic device for screening single cells. Lab on chip (2015), 15, 225-236. [pdf] [SI1] [SI2] [vid] [link] (Impact factor: 5.748)


Shih, S.C.C., Mufti, N., Chamberlain, M.D., Kim, J., Wheeler, A.R., A Droplet-Based Screen for Wavelength-Dependent Lipid Production in Algae. Energy & Environmental Science (2014), 7, 2366-2375. [pdf] [SI] [vid] [link] (Impact factor: 15.49)  Highlighted in the media: Chemistry World, Scientific American


Lafrenière N.M., Shih S.C.C., Abu-Rabie P., Spooner N., and Wheeler A.R., Multiplexed Extraction and Analysis of Pharmaceuticals from Dried Blood Spots using Digital Microfluidics. Bioanalysis (2014), 3, 307-318. [pdf] [link] (Impact factor: 3.253)


Shih S.C.C., Barbulovic-Nad I., Yang X., Fobel R., and Wheeler A.R., Digital microfluidics with impedance sensing for integrated cell culture and analysis. Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2013), 42, 314-320. (Impact factor: 6.037) [pdf] [SI] [link]


Shih S.C.C., Yang H., Jebrail M.J., Fobel R., McIntosh N., Al-Dirbashi O.Y., Chakraborty P., and Wheeler A.R., Digital Microfluidics coupled to nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectrometry for succinylacetone analysis in dried blood spots. Analytical Chemistry (2012), 84, 3731-3738. [pdf] [link] Cover page of journal 


Shih S.C.C., Fobel R., Kumar P., and Wheeler A.R,  A feedback control system for high-fidelity digital microfluidics. Lab on Chip (2011), 11, 535-540. [pdf] [SI] [link] (Impact factor: 5.748)


Au, S.H.*, Shih, S.C.C.*, and Wheeler A.R. Integrated Microbioreactor for the Culture and Analysis of Bacteria, Algae and Yeast. Biomedical Microdevices (2011), 13, 41-50. [pdf] [link] (Impact factor: 2.718)


Jebrail, M.J.*, Luk, V.N.*, Shih, S.C.C.*, Fobel, R., Ng, A.H.C, Yang, H., Freire, S.L.S. Wheeler, A.R. Digital Microfluidics for Automated Proteomic Processing J. Vis. Res. (JOVE) (2009), Only available as DOI: 10.3791/1603 [pdf] [link] **Learn microfluidic fabrication then click the link above**


Shih S.C.C.*, Stoica, I.*, and Goto, N.K. Investigation of the utility of selective methyl protonation for determination of membrane protein structure. J. Biol NMR (2009), 42:49-58. [pdf] [SI] [link]


Wu, Y., Shih S.C.C., and Goto, N.K. Probing the structure of the Ff bacteriophage major coat protein transmembrane helix dimer by solution NMR. BBA - Biomembranes (2007), 1768: 3206-3215. [pdf] [link]

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