Automating synthetic biology to advance energy and health

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Droplet and digital microfluidics have significant advantages for solving biological and chemical problems. Read more »

Synthetic Biology

To create new microbes that can solve our world's energy and health problems using microfluidics. 

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Using microfluidics and synthetic biology tools to target and to analyze cancer cells. 

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Combining light, automation, and feedback control systems to analyze our biological systems.

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Directed Evolution 

Using microfluidics to perform high-throughput screening to find active enzymes and high producers. Read more »

Single-cell Analysis

Trapping single cells in droplets for numerous biological applications.  We use droplet-based microfluidic approaches. Read more »



We are a team of inter-disciplinary scientists that have curious minds interested in developing new technologies.  We use microfluidic "chips" and synthetic biology tools to tackle challenges in areas related to health and energy.  We are excited to welcome new students who are curious and enthusiastic like us!  Check out this website and feel free to follow us on social media.




Post doctoral positions
Post doctoral positions

We are currently looking for motivated and exceptional postdoctoral fellows to join our lab. See our current openings! If there is a match, you will receive an email requesting an interview.

We are currently looking for motivated and exceptional graduate students (Master or Doctoral) to join our lab. See our current openings! If there is a match, you will receive an email requesting an interview.

Graduate  positions





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